Introducing Jake Fleming:

I am pleased to announce my new series, The Jake Fleming Investigations, featuring investigative reporter Jake Fleming, a member of two endangered species: he’s a journalist, and he’s working for a print newspaper based in San Francisco.

He is now a single parent of a grown daughter, Melissa, a student at the University of California at Berkeley, where she is getting her masters in Elizabethan Literature, and has convinced her department to invite a notorious professor from the University of London who has announced the pending publication of a new book, which he declares ‘will shake up the literary world’ to it’s foundations. His publisher is under contract not to reveal a word about the subject matter until he tells them. On a whim the professor calls Jake from JFK Airport where he’s changing planes, and asks if he’d read it.

Jake declines. Not his subject matter. He deals with terrorists, not literati.

The professor never arrives. Melissa is furious about being stood up. Jake doesn’t buy that. Something has happened, he senses. Something bad….

I’ve been a filmmaker, journalist, screenwriter, and author of seven mysteries including winner of the St. Martin’s Press/P.I. Writers of America Best First Novel. My Tony Lowell Mystery series is now joined by my new Jake Fleming Investigations series. I live in Seattle.


Author: ecayres

Author of multiple mystery novels and thrillers, and a former screenwriter.

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